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I am lucky enough to work in a marketing role for a large retailer, and I love my job! Our dress code in our building is what I would class as ‘Creative Corporate’. A relaxed, funky business look. Corporate enough to meet with suppliers and our agents but there are rarely any power suits in sight! That being said, I do enjoy to look as though I mean business. It might sound strange, but when I am dressed for work, I usually am much more productive!

The week that was work, in outfits!

Monday. Usually the bane of the work week. No body looks forward to a Monday do they? After coming off an amazing weekend of friends, beautiful weather and happiness. I decided to let this shine through my Monday outfit. (sorry no pic!)
Dress: Sara Print Bodice Dress

Tuesday. We had a big clean up day in our office, so dressed kind of casual today (but I never REALLY look too casual, I just can’t pull it off) so today I wore:
Jacket: Autograph Floral Jacket
Top: Asos Top with Swing Drape in Cream
Pants: Lilly and Lou (best and less) ponte pants

Tuesday's Work Outfit

Tuesday’s Work Outfit

Wednesday. Today we had a whole heap of visitors to our office and meetings with our Managing Director of our Company, who I idolise in a work sense and this is a whole other blog I could write! So today, I wore my favourite current work outfit.
Jacket: Autograph Crepe Peplum Jacket
Top: City Chic Lace Back Peplum in a hot orange colour
Skirt: My favourite purchase in a long time, Asos Black Pencil Skirt
Shoes: Williams Black Court Heel Pumps (my work staple, I have three pairs of these, they’re comfy and go with everything!)

Wednesday's Outfit Of The Day

Wednesday’s Outfit Of The Day

Thursday. Thursday was a just work day day, no meetings, no visitors, it was a day where I could just sit and get some work done! So today I dressed for comforted style!
Jacket: Autograph Crepe Peplum Jacket
Top: Great colour block top from Myer Piper Women which I got on sale last weekend. The material is beautiful and I love the blue!
Pants: Autograph Black Slim Leg Pants
Shoes: Old faithfuls!

Thursday's Outfit Of The Day

Thursday’s Outfit Of The Day

Today I also featured in a fun thing I did for my Brand’s Facebook which I manage. We reached 50,000 likes! Here is my pic, just for some fun!

Just For Fun!

Just For Fun!

Friday. It’s Friday, It’s Friday! I wore an outfit, I had never thought about wearing today and I think it worked well!
Skirt: Pencil Skirt with Floral Panel from ASOS
Top: Dream Diva White Peplum. I love the quality of this peplum, the material is beautiful!
Shoes: Old faithfuls AGAIN.

Friday Ootd

Thanks for reading!

Be Bright,
Love Beck

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Spring Brights – From The Toe Up!

For Summer 2013/2014 there seems to be lots and lots of bright and bold colours coming into play, such as Azure Blues, Nautical Navys, Emerald Greens, Pretty Pastels and not to mention the great Neons and Bold Patterns.  All of this is making me super excited for the seasons to come!

I have started adding to my Summer 2013/2014 collection with some great bargain shoes from Rubi Shoes I found on a shopping trip today!

Emerald Flats, Neutral Yellow Trim Flats, Yellow Tip Neutral Ballet Flats

Emerald Flats, Neutral Yellow Trim Flats, Yellow Tip Neutral Ballet Flats

I found some great Neon Yellow Toe Neutral Ballet Flats which will be great for casual looks. As well as a comfy pair of Open-Toe Neutral Flats with Neon Yellow edging which with the open toe will look much more summery…which means I need a pedi STAT!

Finally an Emerlad Velour with Gold Metal Toe pair of flats, which will be a great pair of shoes to be casual but will also be able to be dressed up if need be and having a CBF heels moment.

If you’re worried about coloured shoes, I always think shoes can be a statement to the outfit, so be bold! But you can always tie coloured shoes in with other accessories (jewellery, scarves, bags, belts etc) if you dont have anything in the same colour as your shoes.

Looking forward to the warmer weather ahead!

Be Bright,
Love Beck

Neon Yellow and Neutral Ballet Flats from Rubi Shoes.

Neon Yellow and Neutral Ballet Flats from Rubi Shoes.




When I hear the word ‘Celebrate’ I automatically think of; Confetti, Sparklers, Big Smiles, Champagne, Love, Cheers and of course Kylie Minogue circa 1992 and want to break out into a super cool two-step!

I thought about what I have recently celebrated, what I will be celebrating in my world in the near future and if so, what would I wear? Even though I have enough clothes to dress a plus-sized army, I would more than likely go on a shopping spree to dress for the occasion. Much to my bulging wardrobe and thin bank account’s demise!

As my first Aussie Curves Weekly Challenge I thought I would share what I wore when I recently celebrated a wedding of a dear life long friend of mine, it was a beautiful day at a gorgeous place in Windsor area of NSW, the bride looked ultra-stunning! Long story short (as I could gush about wedding’s until the cows come home) I wore an Navy Blue Skater Dress with a Black Lace detail down the centre and a cute little black lace collar. The skirt had pleating which add a bit of difference to the dress. This dress is from ASOS Curve . To let you in on a little secret I actually liked the look of this dress so much I bought it in both Navy and Green!


I finished off the look on the day with these pieces:
Stockings: Sheer 15 denier by Razzamatazz
Shoes: Electric Blue court heels from Kmart
Jacket: Crepe Peplum Black Jacket from Autograph
Jewellery: Colette by Colette Hayman Cross gold earrings and my Guess gold watch.
Bag: Blue and Green Clutch from Colette by Colette Hayman

Looking forward to next week’s challenge!